CBS Auto Body Shop uses the State-Of-The-Art Celette Griffon frame machine, equipped with precision measuring systems and computer-aided adjusting equipment, to return your vehicle to exact factory specifications. Our frame department handles frame diagnostics, frame replacement an frame repair on unibody and full frame vehicles.

Today’s vehicles are designed to be both light and safe. They provide crash worthiness and occupant protection with new materials such as High Strength Steel (HSS). Proper repair of your vehicle requires knowledge of these frames or unibody materials.

Unibody and full frame have front and rear crush zones to absorb collision forces, and to direct those forces around the passenger compartment. Higher Strength Steels accomplish this while allowing car manufacturers to use lighter, thinner frame or body parts.

A traditional mild steel frame can be heated with a troch and bent straight, and will retain its full strength when it cools. A HSS frame may not have its original strength and crush resistance after a collision repair.

An incorrect repair to an HSS frame could, for example, cause small but important delay in the deployment of air bags in a later crash, endangering the occupants. Our Trained technicians know which frames and unibody structures can be repaired safely, and which ones require replacement.

CBS Auto Body Shop uses Mitchell’s Frame Data Dimension software. Mitchell’s team of master technicians measure every automobile, providing the most accurate and reliable data on the latest model cars, trucks and vans. With Mitchell’s Frame Date, you can be sure your frame repairs meet the OEM’s recommended tolerances, increasing overall efficiency and profitability.